Mittens crochet pattern

Discover the charm of handmade warmth with our Mittens Crochet Pattern blog post. Explore step-by-step instructions, tips, and inspiration to create cozy and stylish mittens for yourself or as thoughtful gifts. Unleash your creativity and crochet your way to fashionable comfort with our expert guidance.
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To crochet, we will need:

  • Yarn in the main color for the mitten (red color). YarnArt Baby yarn. Composition – 100% Acrylic (50g – 150m).
  • Textured yarn for edging. I used Softy.
  • Yarn for eyes (white color). You can substitute with felt pieces with a diameter of 7mm.
  • Needle.
  • Crochet hook suitable for the yarn. Size 2.5 (Clover).
  • Beads for eyes (2 pieces) or any toy eyes with a diameter of 5mm.
  • Brooch or magnet base.

Attention! You can substitute the yarn with any other. Crochet with the yarn you like! Crocheting: in a spiral Toy size: about 6 cm.

Abbreviations: sc – single crochet sl st – slip stitch inc – increase (2 sc in each st) dec – decrease (crochet 2 sts together)

ATTENTION! All tutorials are my original creations and are intended for your personal use only. It is prohibited to forward, publish, or otherwise distribute the tutorials! Toys made according to my instructions may be sold with an active link to my tutorials.

Thumb: Using the main color yarn, make 6 single crochets (sc) in an amigurumi ring. Row 1: 12 sc (increase in each sc). Rows 2-3: 12 sc. Row 4: 10 sc (4 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec). Row 5: 10 sc. Row 6: 8 sc (3 sc, dec, 3 sc, dec).

Mittens crochet pattern

Base: Using the main color yarn, make 6 single crochets (sc) in an amigurumi ring. Row 1: 12 sc (increase in each sc). Row 2: 18 sc (increase every other sc). Row 3: 24 sc (increase every third sc). Rows 4-7: 24 sc. Row 8: 22 sc (10 sc, dec, 10 sc, dec). Row 9: 22 sc. Row 10: 20 sc (9 sc, dec, 9 sc, dec). Row 11: 20 sc. Row 12: 18 sc (8 sc, dec, 8 sc, dec).

Sew the finger and the base through 1 loop (take 1 loop from the finger and take 1 loop from the base).

We crochet around the detail – 24 single crochets (sc) (18 + 8 – 1 – 1 = 24). Row 1: 24 sc. Row 2: 18 sc (decrease in every third sc).

Switch to textured yarn and crochet the cuff. Rows 3-4: 18 single crochets (sc). Fold the piece in half and sew together. Optionally, you can stuff the toy with filling.

I left a red thread while crocheting the mitten to embroider the nose.

Adding facial features: Eyes: Using white yarn, make 6 single crochets (sc) in an amigurumi ring. You can substitute with felt pieces. Embroider the nose. Make several stitches below the eyes. Optionally, you can embroider eyebrows and a smile. Decorate as desired.

On the reverse side, sew on a brooch base or attach a magnet. You can also make a loop or attach a keychain base.

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