Oscar and Mary, Kittens in Love: Crochet Toys Pattern

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Oscar and Mary, Kittens in Love Crochet Pattern Overview

This crochet pattern by Ludmila Orlova guides you through creating two charming cat toys named Oscar and Mary. The pattern includes comprehensive instructions, material lists, and detailed steps for crafting each part of the kittens, from their heads to their tails, along with their clothing and accessories.

Materials and Tools

  • Yarn: Specific types and colors needed.
  • Crochet Hook: Recommended size.
  • Fiberfill: For stuffing the toys.
  • Sewing Tools: Needles and thread.
  • Wire and Adhesive Tape: For structure.
  • Safety Eyes: For the kittens’ faces.
  • Glue and Blusher: For finishing touches.
  • Buttons: For clothing and accessories.

Abbreviations and Notes

  • Crochet Terms: Definitions of abbreviations used in the pattern.
  • Skill Level: Medium.
  • Finished Size: Approximately 16.5 cm.


  • Detailed steps for crocheting each part of the kittens:
    • Head, Ears, Arms, Legs, Body, Tail.
    • Clothing items and accessories.
  • Round-by-round stitch counts.
  • Assembly and finishing tips.

This pattern is perfect for intermediate crocheters looking to create adorable, detailed toys with a personal touch. If you need further details or specific instructions from the pattern, feel free to ask!

Oscar and Mary, Kittens in Love: Crochet Toys Pattern by zrir

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