Candle Pincushion crochet pattern

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Candle Pincushion crochet pattern Abbreviations

  • SC – Single Crochet
  • MR – Magic Ring (can be replaced with 2SC)
  • INC – Increase (2 SC in one stitch)
  • DEC – Decrease (crochet 2 SC together)
  • CH – Chain Stitch
  • SL ST – Slip Stitch
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • (…)*4 – Repeat the action in parentheses 4 times

Candle Pincushion crochet pattern Materials and Tools

  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby plush yarn 120m/100g
    • Main color: 30g
    • Additional color (candle holder): 20g
    • Additional color (flame): 5g
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Black safety eyes – 8mm
  • Plastic saucer 35-35mm, any cereal. Or a circle made of dense cardboard or plastic for the candle base.
  • Glue “Moment”, scissors, lighter, markers, filler.

Candle Holder

Crochet with additional color:

  1. Row 1: 8MR
  2. Row 2: 8INC=16
  3. Row 3: (1SC, 1 INC)*8=24
  4. Row 4: (2SC, 1INC)*8=32
  5. Row 5: 32SC in back loops only
  6. Row 6: 32SC
  7. Row 7: 32SC
  8. Row 8: (6SC, 1DEC)*4=28

For stability, place a round saucer filled with cereal (rice) at the bottom. Choose the size of the saucer to fit the diameter of the base. Mine is 3.5-4.5cm. Glue the lid with “Moment” glue and cut off the protruding part.

The saucer can be replaced with a circle made of dense cardboard or plastic.


Crochet with main color. Do not cut the thread from the candle holder, instead, bring it forward. 9. Row 9: 28SC (in back loops only)

  1. Rows 10-16: 28SC (7 rows) Insert eyes between rows 11 and 12. Space between eyes: 4SC

Stuff as you go.


  1. Row 17: Crochet in the back loops only (5SC, 1DEC)*4 =24
  2. Row 18: (1SC,1DEC)*8=16
  3. Row 19: 8DEC=8
  4. Row 20: 4DEC=4 Do not close the hole, cut the thread.


Crochet the flame in turning rows with a chain stitch.

Switch yarn to the orange flame color. 21. Row 21: Fold the opening in half and crochet together 2SC, turn

  1. Row 22: 1CH, 2INC=4, turn
  2. Row 23: 1CH, 1INC, 3SC=5, turn
  3. Row 24: 1CH, 3SC, 1DEC=4, turn
  4. Row 25: 1CH, 2DEC=2, turn
  5. Row 26: 1CH, 1DEC. Cut and secure the yarn.

Edging and Decoration

Edge the flame with SC in yellow color. At the tip of the flame, make 3SC in one stitch. After edging the flame, cut the yarn, secure and hide ends.

A stitch with black yarn can be made in the center of the flame to represent the wick.

Edging and Decoration

Attach the main color of the candle to row 17 in the front loops.

Crochet 4SC, 2HDC, 3DC, 1HDC, 3SC, 2SL ST, 1SC, 4HDC, 5DC,1HDC, 2SC (total 28) complete the row with 1SL ST

To create drips, attach the main color yarn to row 17 and crochet 3-6SC down the candle. You can create several drips anywhere. Cut the yarn, secure and hide inside the candle.

Edging and Decoration

Edge the candle holder in row 9 in the front loops with 28SC. Cut and secure the yarn.

Edge the bottom of the candle holder. Attach the additional color yarn of the candle holder to row 5 in the front loops and crochet 32SC.


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